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Manitoba Updates PNIP (Provincial Nominee Immigration Program)


Each Canadian province and territory maintains its own provincial nominee program (PNP). Though these are primarily systems geared toward providing (or achieving) permanent residence, selection in these program will also have consequences for the ability to secure temporary work permits as well.

Manitoba has now announced some new programs/features to its PNP. Among the highlights are:

    • There will be four streams:

(1) The International Education Stream

(2) The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

(3) The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, and

(4) The Business Investor Stream

Please note that the time at which different programs take effect will be staggered.
  1. The International Education Stream, set to come into effect in April 2018, will allow for expedited nomination for graduates of ‘STEM’ programs (science, technology, engineering, and math), completing internships that support industry innovation. The program will also allow post-secondary students who graduate from Manitoba institutions and have longer-term employment in an in-demand occupation (pursuant to a prescribed list found at to seek provincial nomination immediately. (Previously, there was a six month waiting period.)
  2. The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream has two Pathways. There is (a) the Manitoba Work Experience Pathway, and (b) the Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway. Details can be found at

       (a) The Manitoba Work Experience Pathway is for foreign workers already working in Manitoba in an in-demand occupation for at least six months, with some variations for other possibilities, such as foreign workers with twelve months of Manitoba experience in non-in-demand occupations.
               (b) The Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway allows for applications identified     by Manitoba employers as having at least three years experience (in the past five) in the     relevant occupation.
  1. The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, set to come into effect in the new year, provides for (a) an ‘Express Entry’ Pathway, as well as (b) a Direct Provincial Pathway, with priority given to applicants with Manitoba-based family connections as well as language/training/experience that would allow the applicant to find employment quickly.

       (a) For the Express Entry Pathway, applicants qualified under the Federal Express Entry program could be chosen for nomination by Manitoba.

                 (b) For the Direct Pathway (technically the Human Capital Pathway, applicants     with skills and experience in the Manitoba prescribed in demand occupation list     noted above, may seek nomination.

    For details:

  1. The Business Investor Stream allows (in addition to a separate farm investor category) applicants to secure a temporary work permit based on a business proposal. (A prior requirement to provide a deposit has been eliminated.) The applicant then must meet the conditions of a ‘Business Performance Agreement’ prescribing measures of establishment (typically required within 12 months of arrival), and will thereafter qualify for permanent residence. Though this stream seems geared toward private entrepreneurs, there may also be some value for corporations generally seeking to establish in Manitoba to consider the use of this program (by sending a relevant managerial level applicant to the province). Details can be found at

These new provisions will of course be of value to applicants destined for Manitoba - as well as employers with businesses in Manitoba.

For more information please contact Oneterra Business Immigration.