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US Immigration Ban and Canada

Canada is a major source of temporary entrants to the United States with over 13 Million entries to the United States for business or pleasure in 2016.

Impact of  Ban 
The ban prohibits travel to the United States by citizens of seven specific countries: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. The ban is set for 90 days from January 27 and further suspends all refugees from entering the United States for the next 120 days, indefinitely for Syrians. At this point it is not clear what measures will be implemented for the period following the temporary ban.

As there are ongoing court rulings further developments are likely with further clarification necessary concerning the impact on U.S. permanent residents as well as dual citizens.

Impact on Canadians

Canadian Citizen  Canadian citizens who hold no other citizenship appear not to be affected by the ban. Whatever rights to entry existed before the order, continue to exist. 

Canadian Citizens Who Also Hold Citizenship in a Banned Country On January 29, Canada’s Immigration Minister announced the ban would not be implemented against dual citizens holding citizenship in Canada and one of the seven banned countries.

Permanent Residents of Canada Permanent residents of Canada holding citizenship in one of the banned countries appear to be exempt from the ban.

People in Canada on Work or Study Permits (or Visiting) A citizen of a banned country on temporary status in Canada is currently banned from entering the United States.

Travelers Stranded in Canada Due to Implementation of Ban Canada will grant temporary status to people stranded in Canada based on the ban. Clarification on the long-term consequences pending. 

Long Term Prognosis for Canada
Canada is the United States second largest trading partners. This trade results in extensive cross-border travel. The ban suggests change can now come without notice resulting in uncertainty for individuals, businesses and governments. While the long term impact is not yet clear the impact to trade and travel could be significant.

Where We Stand
As the situation evolves our current understanding is that  Canadian citizen will be excluded from the ban and that this guarantee will be   extended to permanent residents. We will continue to monitor the situation.